Ultraviolet Jar




There are exceptions to every rule, and Miron Violet Glass is ours. While it isn’t made in Canada, it IS the best in class. It took scientists years to recreate the formula for the secret of Egyptian storage technology: ultraviolet glass. We like our glass jars to be plain-jane, but if you like labels, use an oil pencil to keep tabs on your varietals.



Best way to maintain the quality of your herbs – Miron ultraviolet glass was formulated for the cosmetic and food industries to obtain the ultimate storage and preservation of bioactive substances (like fresh herbs or products containing essential oils). Protects product for extended period of time. Contents cannot be seen through the glass. Wide mouth 100ml jar fits 3.5 – 7 grams of flowers.



The oil pencil easily rubs off with a cloth or napkin. Jar is dishwasher safe, but if you want to keep it pristine and free of scratches, it’s best to hand wash.


About the Maker

Miron Violettglas owns an international patent to this magic glass recipe. Their factory in Amsterdam is the only place in the world these glass jars are made, with thousands produced per year. Originally developed for the cosmetics industry, Miron has been making violet glass since 1996.


Ultraviolet glass is the highest standard of storage. The glass is dark enough to protect your flower from the degradation of light, while allowing the right amount light through to keep the buds from getting mouldy or stale.