The Bentway Rolling Tray


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This rolling tray keeps it simple, made with local Ontario wood and no shortcuts. We tried other native trees for this project, but Black Walnut is the best because it sands down as smooth as butter.  The clever maker behind this tray has an amazing eye for detail – he crafted the scraper tool’s corner to perfectly match the shape of the tray’s edge, so no crumbs are left behind.



Durable, highly functional, thoughtful design. Flower funnels cut into two opposite corners. Includes scraper. The hardwood is sourced from a sawmill in Smithville, Ontario. The tray is handmade in Vancouver, British Columbia.



A scratch ain’t no thang. Just grab a little butcher block oil and use a gentle scrub pad to buff out any marks.


About the Maker

Dan Shannon is obsessive with sandpaper – and that’s what you want from your woodworker. That, and a knack for mid-century modern details.


Entering the workshop space in Dan’s home, the weight of his work hangs in the air. It’s not sawdust, it’s the studiousness that he puts into his craft. Dan recognizes the time and effort that went into the growth of each tree and this is reflected in the consideration and care he invests into each object he produces.