Midnight Bowl




Like holding the universe in your hands. The starry night sky glaze on this bowl turns your ash into space dust and your session into a deep space exploration. Combine it with the Midnight Tray to expand your galaxy.



Made from porcelain clay and accented with free-form glaze, this piece is both classic and modern. The bowl measures 3″ in diameter, and 1.25″ tall. Designed and produced in Toronto, Ontario.



Dishwasher safe.


About the Maker

Leora Israel was looking for love when she found ceramics. Well actually, she found both. A fun date idea (taking pottery class at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto) turned into a new career – and fiancé.


With a professional background in  marketing, public relations, photography and online publishing, Leora had all the skills to turn this new found passion into a career. She has now come full circle, exhibiting her works in the gift shop at the Gardiner and other fine establishments.


The magic of The Otter Potter is in her glaze work, where she loves to experiment with mixing and layering to achieve one of a kind outcomes on each piece.


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