Best Face Forward Rose Quartz Facial Roller



Indulge in the most relaxing and radiant facial massage with this Rose Quartz roller, designed to be simply rolled over your face in an outwards direction for an instantly glowing complexion. Made with two Rose Quartz stones, each targets a unique area of the face to deliver all the beauty and wellness benefits of the stone of self-love.

-Improves product absorption.
-Tightens and tones the facial muscles.
-Promotes lymphatic drainage.
-Addresses puffiness and wrinkles.
-Increases circulation through stimulation of the skin.
-Contours the facial structure.

Apply a few drops facial serum or oil to a cleansed face morning and/or night. Using your roller, start at the center of the face and roll outward in long strokes toward the lymph node drainage point near your temples.

Use the smaller end to target the eye area and repeat the outward strokes, following the lines of your brow bone and cheekbone.

Protip: Pop the roller into the fridge for a more intense de-puffing and relaxation sensation.