Bedtime Candle – Lavender & Sage


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Beauty Sleep! is a Lavender + Hemp Candle made with essential oils, giving this candle a relaxing and earthy fragrance as it burns. French Lavender intermingles with a smoky rich scent and charred hemp to create a calming and luxurious smell, bringing you sweeter dreams by helping you drift off to sleep.

We hand-pour and curate natural, non-toxic candles that are designed with the consumer in mind. We pride ourselves on having ingredient transparency by utilizing safe materials that can burn in the home without worry or concern. Our candles are hand crafted with 100% coconut soy wax (no yucky paraffin!) as well as natural essential oil blends. No parabens, phthalates, GMO, or chemicals, but simply just naturally-occuring ingredients that are beneficial to both mind and body. Our candles are created using a holistic approach on wellness, and we carefully select specific essential oils that target certain emotions or wellness based concerns. We aim to increase mental health and wellness education amongst the general public upon purchase of our products, and will be sending 10% of our proceeds to initiatives focused upon mental health, wellness, promoting diversity and inclusion.