Simplicity and elegance for those who value a modern, yet timeless style of living.

We seek out thoughtful, enduring pieces that feel modern with simple design and classic aesthetic. Accessories that can warm your home just as well as they travel with you, sharing your narrative and personal style with those around you. Pieces that age as well as you, acquiring a patina that reflects memories and quality. Pieces that appreciate, accruing value through living, loving, and experience.

Stone Motif is about beautiful objects that enhance your home environment, wellness routine, and peace of mind. Our accessories are built for adventure, whether it’s hiking the Pacific Coast Trail, having some friends over for a backyard bbq, or curling up with a good read. We want to be your sidekick when you’re doing what you do best.

We are a small team of dedicated individuals that want to increase your quality of life through practical and quality products, backed by easy delivery and excellent customer service. Proudly Canadian, STONE MOTIF is here because of you!